Technical Operations Manager

The strongest Technical pillar of the IPCS team. Being a part of IPCS for the past 5 years, Rakesh quickly climbed his way from being a Project Engineer to Operations Manager at great pace. A Btech graduate with strong Technical knowledge & experience of over 7 years.
Rakesh coordinates both our Academic Sections as well as On site project activities as well. IPCS’s unique technical syllabus & strong tech team was only due to the direct influence of Mr. Rakesh.

Testimonial: “Great experience in the field of industrial Automation and Building automation, providing different solutions for industries and corporates makes the experience in IPCS a different one”


Regional Manager – Tamilnadu

With a vast experience of 14 years, Mr. Jomesh Joined IPCS as the Regional Manager of Tamilnadu in 2019. From the period itself differences in the activities & sales of the Region have been clearly visible throughout. Having a Masters in Business Administration & a huge experience in related companies like, Lakshya, Edujobs, TIME, Alhind Group etc. Jomesh has proved from joining itself that he is the most able candidate for the post.His expertise are in Business development, Expansions & Centre Management.

Testimonial: “Happy to be a part of IPCS Global; A company that is on fast growth globally”


Regional Manager – Kerala

Started as the Manager of IPCS Global Trivandrum Branch, Anand quickly climbed his way up to be the Regional Manager of Kerala. With over 10 years of experience in various fields like Product Design, Mechanical Design, Marketing & Sales, etc. From being a Mechanical Design Graduate to Sales; he found his passion. Anand joined IPCS in 2017 and has been an integral part of the team ever since. Having a wide range of skills in Management, Human Relations & Sales; he had kept the team firmly at many tough situations.

Testimonial: “During my Interview itself I was able to feel the Vision of the Company. I identified that it’s a future oriented company & all the plans created here are not for a particular sales season or a year. That attracted me to this firm. I am glad that I could be a part of this family & would like to be there for the future as well.”


HR Manager – IPCS Global

One of the most vibrant HR Managers to ever be present in IPCS. Mr. Binjo hails from Attingal in Trivandrum & has been a part of IPCS Family since 2019. His human relation & recruitment expertise have helped IPCS to build a fast working team with better responsibilities. Being an MBA graduate & with over 8 years of experience Binjo have been an ample fit for the designation.

Testimonial: “I am grateful to be a part of this Family. Self-development and total ownership of the works that we handle are the prime positives that can be pointed out.”


Academic Head – Coimbatore

On joining IPCS in 2018; Ms. Santhakumari has been the backbone of IPCS Coimbatore Branch technical section. With over 5 years of experience & strong technical background of Diploma & BE in ECE, she was quickly able to get promoted as the technical head of the branch. A fully experienced teacher with strong technical knowledge can guide the students to their absolute best.

Testimonial: “My career started at Cadd Centre & afterwards to Band Automation. In 2018 I joined the IPCS family, I learned about more advanced features in the automation field and BMS. It’s very useful to my career development. I am an expert now and I am able to learn more from ipcs. Thank you”


Business Development Manager

Joined our team as Customer relation Executive & jumping to 2 higher posts within a span of 2 years is just amazing. Ms. Neenu was able to achieve the feat with high morale and strong will. A degree graduate with 4 years of overall experience in Sales & marketing made her the best choice to lead the sales team of our Headquarters.

Testimonial: “IPCS is a great place to work, because of its friendly working environment and professionalism. Suggestions for changes are received openly and being implemented seriously by the management, Both Co workers and senior staff are very supportive and help for career advancement and learn new skills.”


Digital Marketing Analyst

From being a student at IPCS to being a faculty member at the same office; Ms. Aruna Proved to the entire team why she was recruited by us. Having previous experience as a Java Developer also helped her to become an expert in Digital Marketing at the quickest pace. Right now working as Digital Marketing Analyst at Cochin Branch, she has been an active part in all our SEO activities, Campaign management etc. apart from training processes. She joined IPCS by 2018.

Testimonial: “IPCS is where I began my Career as a Digital Marketing Professional. It has and continues to be an integral part of my Professional growth. IPCS has helped in moulding my career from a beginner to advanced level with the help and support of my founders, team leaders, mentors and my colleagues.The organisation provides a presentable ambience and adds great support for anyone, a beginner or an experienced professional who wants to grow a career. As a company IPCS has always stood with me in every situation and supported me all throughout.”


Academic Head – Cochin

Hailing from Idukki district in Kerala; Abhijith has been one of the pillars of IPCS Global in the technical department. Joined IPCS as System Administrator & right now working as the Academic Head of Cochin Headquarters. He possesses an experience of 7.5 years in various companies such as ARES International, IT Gate Computer Solutions & Big Frame Technologies. Also having a wide variety of skills from Network & Hardware section, troubleshooting, BMS processes Installation and Configuration and strong leadership & initiation skills which make him the perfect candidate for the post.

Testimonial: “IPCS was a great platform for me which helped in moulding my career to an advanced level with the help and support of my founders, team leaders, mentors and my colleagues.The organisation provides a presentable ambience and adds great support for anyone who wants to grow a career. As a company IPCS has always stood with me in every situation and supported me all throughout.”


Technical Head – Calicut

One of the oldest team members of IPCS hailing from Calicut. She joined IPCS in 2011 as Project Engineer & is still a strong pillar of our Team even after a decade. Having a wide variety of Expertise in PLC programming, Configurations & even till site exposure Nishidha is the most idle candidate to crown the post of Technical Head at our Calicut Branch.

Testimonial: “I have always been happy to be with ipcs, because ipcs is one of the best places to learn and execute our thoughts and ideas on any platform as I wish. I feel very proud to be one of the oldest employees of ipcs. I look forward to being a part of this organisation for a long time to come.”


Academic Head – Trivandrum

A Graduate from Trivandrum having 10 years of experience in various fields such as IT, Banking, Teaching and in Administration field. Her skills are coding in various languages such as Python, Javascript, Android,etc. & in Digital Marketing. Currently working as Academic Head in IPCS- Trivandrum Branch. Being joined IPCS as Application Engineer in 2017 & after having 3.5 years of Experience with us; Her growth rate at IPCS has been phenomenal.

Testimonial: “I got an opportunity to improve my knowledge skills, creativity skills, leadership skills and organization skills from IPCS. I am happy just to have a job with IPCS. This is the best service I have ever been with. I want to personally thank you for the opportunity to work through and associate with IPCS.”


Senior Project Engineer

One of the most important technical candidates in Tamilnadu Region with strong technical know-how related to Automation, BMS, Embedded etc. A BE graduate in Electronics & Instrumentation who joined IPCS in 2016 & still going strong. Mr. Samuel Dilton is currently working as Senior Project Engineer at our Coimbatore Branch. He is a major contributor in many of our expansion projects especially in Lab installations.

Testimonial: “A good place to work with a lot of space to grow both professionally and personally.”

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