College Workshops or seminars usually involve an IPCS Technical Staff presenting the future & scope of various Technologies that we are into, or the development of a skill, or related to the course of study. Workshops include Hands on experiences as well as discussions & exams to rank the skills of students. IPCS have conducted workshops & seminars in almost each & every Technical Colleges in Kerala & Tamilnadu; where most of our branches are spread-out. Reach out at our contact number to book a workshop at your College.

Types of College Workshops

| 1 or 2 Hour Free Seminars

Sessions which are conducted across each & every locations in our business areas or as per the request of colleges for creating a minimal impact. This program is useful for creating a basic idea in the minds of students about the sectors that we handle its future scope, job opportunities etc. Enquire Today to know more details

| 1 or 2 Day Seminars

Training sessions which are planned to give a deep insight into the programs that we provide at IPCS. IPCS workshops are considered as the best in Kerala as well as Tamilnadu with reference to the students who attended our sessions. 2 full days workshops are the usual preference of majority of the colleges.

| 1 Week Workshops

Practical Oriented Training sessions planned on a particular section of the Programs in Industrial Automation, Digital Marketing, and BMS etc. Usually the topics selected will be related to PLC, SCADA, Facebook Marketing, Google Ads etc. Preferred training course gets training with best fees

| Value Added Programs

Experience authentic training sessions identical to those conducted at IPCS branches. Our comprehensive programs offer a blend of practical and theoretical sessions tailored to meet program requirements. Duration varies (1-6 months) based on the course chosen. Students receive certificates upon completion.

Streams we offer in Campus Training 

Industrial Automation

Includes PLC | SCADA | HMI | VFD | Control Panel etc.

ipcs global BMS Building Management System training

BMS & CCTV Training

Includes CCTV | Fire Alarms | And Biometric Access etc.

ipcs global IoT Embeded training

Embeded & IoT Training

Includes SEO | SMM | SEM | Email Marketing | Inbound Marketing | Affiliate Marketing etc.

Digital Marketing Training

Microcontrollers | Microprocessor | Raspberry pi |

ipcs global Software Development Training

Python & Datascience

Python | PHP | dot net | Web designing | WordPress etc.


Q1: What’s the purpose of a College Seminar?

Answer: The Purpose of a college seminar is to provide students with an idea of what’s the major future technology in their respective fields. To make them realize the potential that the sectors like Industrial Automation, BMS, Embedded systems, IoT or Digital Marketing holds in the future. The job opportunities available, the future of these sectors etc.

Q2: How can I find out which Workshop is good for my College?

Answer: That entirely depends on your discretion. But we recommend free 2 hour session as an initial step. By which we will be assessing the student’s capabilities & skills. A written aptitude exam also will be conducted after the session which helps our technical team to assess the students & after that the apt program for your student will be suggested by IPCS team.

Q3: Is there Payment for such programs?

Answer: Other than the 2 hour sessions, all other programs will be paid. But we believe in bringing in more people into these sectors rather than collecting fee. All the programs & fee will be customizable one in accordance with the college & students’ discretions.

Q4: Can the students visit your Branch for more Practical sessions?

Answer: Definitely, we recommend all students to visit our nearest branch for more practical exposure. But we will be providing practical sessions in colleges as well according to the program of choice. Otherwise students can visit our branches as per the batch schedules planned to avoid rush.

Q5: How do I plan a Workshop in my College?


  • Find out your Topic
  • Consider the apt audience for attending
  • Consider the space availability
  • Consider Time availability
  • Contact the best Team to provide Seminar / Workshop
  • Schedule & Proceed
Q6: Can a Workshop or Seminar be planned online?

Answer: Yes it can happen. Online classes or Webinars are a major attraction & of interest to many young students. As they can attend the same from their own comfort zone.


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