Corporate Training

Corporate training, identified as one of the most important & unavoidable factors in today’s industry needs. It’s the process of identifying the sections where an already existing team is lacking necessary skills & getting trained on the same. Why? Industries today suffer from a skill gap. Most companies express the concern that it takes minimum 3 to 5 years to make a professional to achieve his or her 100% potential. This clearly means companies have to train, and educate employees and managers in order to grow. As millennial take on more responsibilities in coming future, industries will need to develop leadership and communication skills at all levels.

The responsibility of training the workforce is handled by Development or Talent acquisition teams in larger corporations and Human Resources Department in smaller companies. They are required to identify topics in need of training programs and make them available for employees. They have responsibility to build the strategy and roadmaps for employee experiences.

What is a good Corporate Training program?

There are some topics which we consider as major sections to consider when arranging a training program in Corporate Level. An initial study of the Company requirements & goals are the major one among them. Other major sections are as mentioned below:

  • Need of the Training – One of the most important factors to consider. It’s to find out whether the training that you provide is actually required for your team at this point of time or not. Timely execution of the training sessions is a major concern. A training session made available to the team have to practice in real life as soon as possible; the more the delay the less results it will bring. 
  • Relation with Goals – Anything that we train the staffs on has to be perfectly aligned with the organizational goals. Training sessions have to focus on the outcome required in the business & the capabilities that the team required to possess to achieve the same. Then work has to be done on achieving that capacity.
  • Manager Involvement – A survey conducted by LinkedIn found out that 56% of employees involved better in training sessions if their manager recommended & organized the programs. Even though managers are considered as pressure builders by many employees; managers to whom the employee directly reports are always having an upper hand in their decision-making.
  • Post Training Implementation – The issue with any training session is the implementation part once it’s over. Without implementing the learned skills there can’t be any evidence whether the program was a success or not.

 IPCS Corporate training sessions are completely based on the above points & clearly targeted to achieve the corporate requirements & targets.

The Training programs on which we handle Corporate Sessions are:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Building Management Systems
  • Embedded Systems & IoT
  • Digital Marketing
  • Information Technology


Major Advantages in IPCS Corporate Training Sessions:

  • Sessions handled by Top class Project Engineers & Analysts
  • Completely customized training sessions developed after Management meet
  • Practical sessions on all topics for better clarity 
  • 3 Months on field support for implementation
  • Lifetime Assistance


What is Corporate Training?

It’s the process of training the company staff to achieve specific skills which would provide betterment to the outcome of the company. The company needs to identify the sector at which the staff needs to be trained on first for setting a training program.

How many people can attend an IPCS Corporate Program?

Simple answer is limitless. But we prefer batches of 20; as more people can reduce the span of individual attention of we provide for each staff. We have trained companies with staff strength of up to 500.

What’s the role of a Corporate Trainer?

A Corporate Trainer is a particular skill specialist responsible for increasing a company’s productivity by training new skills and knowledge to team. They use seminars, practical sessions and team building activities to update employees on company goals and procedures. Corporate Trainer is also known as Technical Trainer.

Why does a company need Corporate Training?

Most employees and Team will have particular weakness. The target of the management have to be on identifying this weakness & train them so that the team meets the much higher goals, increase in productivity & to stick on to certain standards. 


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