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IPCS Global Siliguri have started our operation from 2019. We are the only pioneer of Automation in North East India and North Bengal. Our branch situated at Darjeeling district Siliguri. We are offering hands on practical training on Industrial Automation and Building Management System with affordable prices. We also offer placement assistance. Employees from outside of Siliguri like Sikkim, Nepal, Bihar, Odisha, Assam are coming to develop themselves. Students from technical and non-technical background also come to develop their skills in automation as we all know automation is using everywhere now a day. We provide corporate training program, value added training for college students. We also provide Automation Lab installation in technical and non-technical colleges. We make fresher students to job ready engineer. Our trainers are basically Project Engineer; they have excellent automation knowledge which gives advantage to our students.

Streams Offered in Siliguri Branch: Industrial Automation, Building Management System (BMS), CCTV & Security Systems.

Available Courses in Siliguri

ipcs global industrial automation training

Automation Training Courses in Siliguri

IPCS have always been known as the pioneer in Industrial Automation for the past decade. Our R&D team makes sure that all our syllabus are up-to-date with the current market scenario, so that it would be easy to get placements for our students. Our Training includes PLC, SCADA, HMI, VFD, Control Panel & much more.

ipcs global BMS Building Management System training

Building Management System (BMS) and CCTV Training Courses in Siliguri

IPCS is the first company to launch BMS courses in South India over a decade ago & still holds the stand for best Training provider in BMS & CCTV training sectors. Our Practical oriented training methods helps our students to reach the highest end results. BMS include CCTV, Fire & Burglar Alarm, Bio-metric Access & much more

ipcs global IoT Embeded training

Embedded and IoT Training Courses in Siliguri

Embedded systems have been one of the Prime sectors in which we have proven our expertise since long back. Embedded stream includes various programs related to Raspberry Pi, PIC, ARM, Micro-controllers etc. Our Embedded programs are aimed to create skilled people who can meet market expectations at the shortest time.

ipcs global Software Development Training

Python and Datascience Training Courses in Siliguri

The whole world runs with software at the back-end. All the leading trendy software packages are trained at IPCS Siliguri. Starting from Python, Data science, PHP, Java, Web Designing, Android & much more. Even tailor made programs to meet market requirements; which develops multitasking skills of our candidates.

ipcs global Software Development Training

Digital Marketing Training Courses in Siliguri

The most in trend course in the world at present. IPCS have been identified as one of the Top leader in Digital Marketing Training. Our Child brand named Areva Digital have been a huge success among top job hunting aspirants. In depth training on SEO, SMM, SEM, Affiliate, YouTube & more are highlights of our curriculum.



Manufacturing Industry

Each & every Industry which deals with Manufacturing of Products and are a direct Market for Industrial Automation. Manufacturing Industry include, Food, beverage, textiles, apparel, leather,machinery, computers, electronics & much more

Oil & Gas

Petroleum Industry also known as Oil & Gas is one of the Biggest Market in the World for Automation concepts due to the hazardous work environment. Oil industry includes processes like exploration, extraction, refining, transporting.

Building & Infrastructure

One of the biggest sectors in the whole world; spread across every nook & corner, shows the importance of BMS systems & its applications. A self-sustaining Building is like millions of dollars saved in Human Resource, Safety Protocols & Energy savings.

Artificial Intelligence

The future of the world as mentioned by the greatest minds. It’s the simulation of Human Intelligence in Machines which are programmed to think and act like humans. Embedded Systems & IoT paves the way for such huge leaps into the future.


Marketing & Advertisement

The stream which requires no introductions whatsoever. The untold secret in the world nowadays is that digital media is the platform for all the future Branding & Promotions. Which would never be possible without Digital Marketing techniques.

IT & Data Science

The latest trends in the world of IT, like Python & data sciences are one big & easy step that any aspirant who wishes to create a bright future in the same could go for. The World now runs completely on softwares & opting a career in such will be of much higher advantage.

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Who will be handling the classes; will it be effective ?

All our classes are handled by Top Project Engineers as well as Analysts in case of Digital Marketing. These are the same people who actually participate in our projects activities, Webinars & Online Sessions. They are the best that can be.

Can I get Individual Classes ?

All the practical sessions are planned as Individual batches only. Only in case of theory sections students will be converted to batches & group classes will be converted.

What is the Course Fee in Siliguri Branch ?

All IPCS Branches follows a single fee structure. Our Courses ranges from 6,000 to 60,000 which you can choose as per your requirements, Qualification & Experience. Get in touch with our team to help you choose the best program for you.

Is the Curriculum same in Siliguri & all other IPCS Branches ?

Absolutely, all IPCS branches follows same structure in course curriculum. Despite the fact that there would be some minor changes as per the market requirements all major topics will be same.

Will there be Placement Guarantee ?

We provide 100% Placement Assistance to all our candidates. A dedicated placement cell works for the same. They train the students to attend interviews in a better manner & help to get more interviews. Our team will help you reach Interviews; anything more will be a fake promise.

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Branch Address

G320 , 3rd floor, City center Mall,
Matigara, near Pizza Hut Building,
Siliguri, West Bengal 734010


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Route map to reach Branch:

how to reach ipcs global bus

From Bus Stand:

Siliguri Public Bus Stand

Bus Terminus, Tenzing Norgay, Patiram Jote, Siliguri, West Bengal 734001
Follow Patient Jote to Hill Cart Rd/Purnea - Siliguri Rd
1 min (130 m)

Turn left at BHANU BHAKTA CHOWK onto Hill Cart Rd/Purnea - Siliguri Rd
Continue to follow Purnea - Siliguri Rd
Pass by Baba Lokenath Mobile Centre (on the right)
8 min (2.8 km)

Drive to your destination
3 min (350 m)
IPCS Global Siliguri

how to reach ipcs global train

From Main Railway Station:

From Siliguri Junction

Hill Cart Rd, Ward 1, Patiram Jote, Siliguri, West Bengal 734001
Follow Siliguri Station Rd and Patient Jote to Hill Cart Rd/Purnea - Siliguri Rd
2 min (240 m)
Turn left at BHANU BHAKTA CHOWK onto Hill Cart Rd/Purnea - Siliguri Rd
Continue to follow Purnea - Siliguri Rd
Pass by Baba Lokenath Mobile Centre (on the right)
8 min (2.8 km)
Drive to your destination3 min (350 m)

IPCS Global Siliguri

how to reach ipcs global air

From Airport:

From Bagdogra International Airport

M8PG+25X, Distt. Darjeeling Siliguri, Bagdogra, West Bengal 734421
Take Bagdogra Int'l Airport Rd to NH 27 in Bagdogra
6 min (2.1 km)
Follow NH 27 and NH10 to Uttorayon Township, Siliguri
17 min (9.0 km)

Drive to your destination
3 min (350 m)

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