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5 Things about why digital marketing career is best

Why digital marketing career ? when there are lot of other opportunity lies in the professional career. Is digital marketing really helps you to be successful in the huge competition in IT sector. What are the opportunities in Digital marketing after self learning / Online digital marketing course / or classroom digital marketing training from a expert. Here I listed why digital marketing career and job opportunities for digital marketing. Digital Marketing is one of the high paying job in india.


Of-course Everyone knows Internet plays a vital role in India after early 2000’s and the cost of Internet usage in India is greatly cheaper than other countries when compared. This is also one of the reason were digital marketing boom to action. Though the Internet users in India is exponentially grows after the smart phone introduction. People starts to use to internet, more than 8 Hours per day and used to surf, watching videos, online shopping, using social medias. Many of them used to earn money through using YouTube v-logging, and other Platforms.

Now the path is somewhat clear why digital marketing career in 2022? up-to the Internet users available, Smart gadgets such as smartphone, I-pod, Tablet, available Digital marketing will be one of the best career, because digital marketing is ample better than tradition marketing in cost, in targeting, in filtering, re-targeting , to reach the Prospective customer. Next we will see 5 things about why digital marketing career?

  1. How Digital Marketing is important to business?
  2. Why, What and How Digital marketing
  3. Why digital marketing career
  4. Career growth in digital marketing
  5. Job opportunities in Digital marketing


How Digital Marketing is important to business?

Every Business that runs, Either it may be a small scale business or Large scale business, It doesn’t matter. Digital Marketing is a Primary for them to reach, to Engage, to market, to target their customer. because digital marketing is cheap when compared to normal marketing techniques. Every business can cut-short their employees, But not digital Marketing employee because Digital marketing is necessary to them make sales.

You cannot run a business without a sales. Sales is ultimate goal for the business, Digital marketing is backbone for sales. There are several modules in digital marketing technique will be strategies by the business. Whatever the technique may be, but its digital marketing.

For a Business, in digital marketing you can target or reach your customer in any place, don’t want to present in the location physically. So You can work for a client in any place in the world, even in your home. That why digital marketing career is best for you.

Why, What and How Digital marketing

Why digital marketing?

Digital marketing is everything for any business, Starting from Website, SEO, PPC, Social media marketing, Email Marketing, Digital marketing is needed. It is cost effective than traditional marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is other form of internet marketing. you can target, reach audience through the internet as a medium. Whenever people search for something in internet in any medium such as Google / Bing / YouTube / Twitter / Facebook .. etc anything, you can reach them through digital marketing. There are several techniques used in digital marketing such as keywords, Links, Images, Bidding, Boost options to reach the specific Audience for their niche.

How digital marketing Works?

Through Digital Marketing you can reach your customer by various factor, which is listed below

  1. Create Brand
  2. Set Goal
  3. Develop Content / Designs
  4. Create Awareness
  5. Target Audience
  6. Create funnel
  7. Analyze results

Why digital marketing career

Digital industry is growing exponentially

Everyone keen looking for the opportunities, professional growth before they choosing the career. Then Digital marketing career is one of that, due to the fast growth of Internet users, Digital technology.

People tends to use the Digital medium to most of their requirements starting from Solving the issues, Online shopping, Even food Delivery. Almost all of them used to start the digital medium. So when numbers of user depends upon the Internet usage, gradually why digital marketing career grows.

Vast Opportunity

There are vast opportunity in Digital marketing career starts from web designing, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce SEO, Video Marketing, Blogging, Ad copy writing, Social media marketing, Data analyzing, designing.

Digital marketing is for all

unlike other field, Digital marketing is not completely coding oriented. Anyone with a creative and analyzing mind with lot of passion towards digital marketing can enter into digital marketing career. In a long run digital marketing is not just read and write concept, you can get experience only by applying and analyses, what works and not. The scope of digital marketing is increasing day by day due to the increase of the Internet users and the online shopping platforms

Career growth in digital marketing

Previous paragraph, i wrote about why digital marketing career?. Here I discuss about the career growth in digital marketing. Initially most companies recruit freshers for unpaid marketing i.e for Search Engine optimization works, because it is organic and foremost it is the start of digital marketing. Later you can Experience the paid marketing by analyzing the CTR, CPC, PPC, Quality score results, you can handle the paid campaigns.

digital marketing training in madurai

Then Content Writing is one of the important part of Digital marketing. you already aware that, Content is king. Most Digital marketing looks for the content writer. They are responsible for the content in webpages, Blogs, Ad Copy-writing and so on. Therefor Content Marketing is one the best option why digital marketing career is primary.

Salary basis in digital marketing career almost same as like the other IT employees. Where the digital marketing team is backbone for the sales, your team is responsible for the high converting sales. Digital marketing career should focus on website traffic, Click bait, brand awareness, Lead generation and Reach of the business.

No company will recruit for a digital marketing job, If you know nothing about digital marketing, Even if you are a fresher, you should get professional training from Digital marketing training providers before like SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Content writing. This skills must needed to start the digital marketing career. IPCS Global Madurai Provides a Practical training in Digital Marketing with 100% placement Assistance.

Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing

According to the source from Internet, there are new job wanted for the digital marketing career. Job sites like Naukri, Job monster, LinkedIn, Google Provides the most updates about the Recruitment for digital marketing. If you enough to handle the Client Business, You can become a freelancer. This is one of the value added advantages in digital marketing career. the Growth of Digital marketing industry increases to 40% in the pandemic time also.

Digital Marketing salary in India:

According to the source of website

  1. Search Engine Optimization Specialist Salaryaverage of ₹1.7 – 2.5 Lakhs per annum in India
  2. Pay-Per-Click Analyst – Average 3 Lakhs / Annum (1 Year Experience) in India
  3. Pay-Per-Click Analyst – Average 4-5 Lakhs / Annum (1 Year Experience) in India
  4. Web Developer – Average 3-5 Lakhs / Annum in India
  5. Social Media Specialist – Average 2-3 Lakhs / Annum in India
  6. Data Analyst – Average 2-5 Lakhs / Annum in India

All the above mentioned details are Depends upon the Experience and Location.

Various roles in Digital Marketing:

There are various roles offered in Digital marketing where they are listed below:

  1. SEO Executive
  2. Social Media Marketing Expert
  3. Content marketer / Content Writer
  4. Search engine marketing Specialist
  5. Digital Marketing Manager
  6. Digital Marketing Head
  7. Inbound marketing manager
  8. CRM and Email Marketing Manager
  9. Search manager / SEO Manager









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