Automation trends and predictions in 2024

Automation Trends and Predictions in 2024

As the technological landscape experiences constant changes, organisations seeking a competitive advantage must adapt to evolving expectations. Get ready for 2024, a year promising significant changes in Automation. Artificial Intelligence is the driving force behind these changes, paving the way for exciting advancements. Let’s explore our predictions for the upcoming year, uncovering the dynamic relationship between technology and business. 

1. Composite Approaches to AI: The Power of Integration

Generative AI, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, emerged in 2022, sparking excitement about its transformative potential. However, as organizations move beyond the initial hype, they recognize that a singular approach to AI may not yield meaningful value. In 2024, we anticipate a shift toward composite AI, combining generative AI with other forms to enhance reasoning and precision. DevOps teams, for instance, will fuse generative AI with causal and predictive AI, unleashing a new era of digital innovation by predicting and preventing issues in real time.

2. AI-Generated Code and the Need for Digital Immune Systems

The rise of AI-generated code presents challenges in 2024. Organizations may face digital service outages due to poorly supervised software code. Maintaining code created by generative AI will be akin to deciphering the work of departed developers. This challenge necessitates the development of digital immune systems that use predictive AI to sense and automatically respond to code or application issues, protecting user experiences.

3. Chief AI Officer: Steering Towards Responsible AI Adoption

With AI becoming integral to daily operations, organizations will appoint Chief AI Officers (CAIOs) in 2024. This senior executive role focuses on developing policies, educating the workforce, and safeguarding organizations from noncompliance or security threats. As AI tools become more prevalent, the CAIO will play a crucial role in overseeing their responsible and safe use, mirroring the role of security executives in leadership teams.

4. Mandatory Data Observability: Driving Smarter Automation

In the quest for critical decision-making, data observability becomes mandatory in 2024. As per IPCS Global expert’s team research, organizations will demand solutions providing data observability to ingest and analyze data securely. This high-quality observability ensures analytics-ready and reliable data, enabling teams to drive automation and compliance.

5. Observability as a Business Imperative for Sustainability and FinOps

Observability transcends its IT roots in 2024, becoming a business requirement driven by sustainability and FinOps objectives. Increased AI usage expands cloud resource consumption, requiring intelligent monitoring analytics.

AI-powered observability will enable organizations to adjust systems for optimal resource utilization, address efficiency hotspots, reduce emissions and lower cloud costs.

6. Platform Engineering’s Mission-Critical Role

Recognizing the importance of a seamless and secure software delivery pipeline, organizations will prioritize platform engineering in 2024. The trend involves production tools for DevOps, security and site reliability engineering, automating processes based on real-time insights from monitoring data.

7. Intelligent Threat Analysis: The Evolution Beyond SIEM

In 2024, security teams will shift away from traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. Next-generation threat intelligence and analytics solutions will dominate, leveraging a broader range of data modalities and AI types. This advancement holds the potential for enhanced, precise and automated threat analysis, strengthening the defence of applications and data against sophisticated threats.

As 2024 unfolds, the amalgamation of these trends will redefine how organizations approach technology, directing in a new era of innovation, responsibility and efficiency. And when it comes to staying ahead in the reign of Industrial Automation and Artificial Intelligence, look no further than IPCS Global. Renowned as the best institute for Automation and AI training in India, IPCS Global empowers individuals and organizations with advanced knowledge. Enroll today in their Industrial Automation course, PLC training, SCADA training and Artificial Intelligence courses to shape a successful future in the world of automation.

Stay tuned as we navigate the dynamic landscape of automation in the year ahead.


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