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If  You are a beginner then you start your coding career in python because python has easy syntax, easy to understand. Python is a beginner friendly and also a developer friendly programming language, because python codes are readable. Python covers almost 48% of the total software industry.

Python is a multipurpose programming language. You can use python programming for web development, app development, game development, and you can also use python for making GUI. Python is a very popular programming language for Data Science and Machine Learning. IPCS Global Pune provides courses like Python course in Pune, Data science course in Pune, Data Analytics course in Pune and Machine learning courses in Pune.

Roadmap for Data Science

Python from scratch to master:

For  data handling python has many data types. Ex:: int, float, List, Tuple, String, set and dictionary.

Program flow control- Python has many conditional statements Ex:: If, if- elif, if-else and nested if ect.

Functions- Python provides many built-in functions Ex:: print(), sum(), len(), round() etc and you must have knowledge of what is a user defined function and how to define a function.

There are four type of user defined functions in python

  • Function without return and without parameter
  • Function without return and with parameter
  • Function with return and without parameter
  • Function with return and with parameter

File Operations- We use open() function in python to open a file in read or write mode. There are three kinds of modes that python provides and how files can be opened.

  • “r”, for reading
  • “w”, for writing
  • “a”, for appending
  • “r+”, for both reading and writing

Class and object- Python is object oriented programming language. Object oriented programming stresses on objects.

What is object oriented programming language- OOP permits us to bundle similar properties and behaviors into containers. In python there are containers called classes. A class presents to the real world an instance of an object.

Languages used in object-Oriented Programming  :-

Python, C++, Java, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, etc.

Exception Handling- Illegal operations can raise exceptions. There are plenty built-in exceptions that are raised when corresponding errors occur.

Exceptions: Exceptions are raised when the program is syntactically correct, but the result of code shows an error. This error does not stop the execution of the program, however, it changes  the normal flow of the program. 

Regular Expression- A regular expression is a special text string used for describing a search pattern. It is extremely useful for extracting information from text such as code, files, log, spreadsheets or even documents.

Database Connectivity

SQL- SQL is a database computer language designed for the retrieval and management of data in a relational database. SQL stands for Structured Query Language.

SQL is a structured query language, which is a computer language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data stored in a relational database.

SQL is known as a standard language for relational database systems. All the relational database systems (RDBMS) MySQL, MS Access, Oracle and Postgres and SQL server use SQL as their standard database language.

Data Processing

  • NumPy
  • Matplotlib
  • Pandas
  • SciPy


NumPy is a python library used for working with arrays. NumPy stands for numerical Python. NumPy aims to provide array objects that is upto 50x faster than traditional python lists.


Matplotlib is used to show data graphically to the user. We can use this library to get more understanding of given data, we can visualize the given data in histogram and dot markers etc.


Pandas makes data science easy and effective.Pandas is an open source library in Python. It provides ready to use high performance data structures and data analysis tools. Pandas module on top of NumPy and it is popularly used for data science and data analytics.


SciPy is a scientific computation library that uses NumPy underneath. SciPy stands for scientific Python. SciPy has optimized and added functions that are used in NumPy and data science.


Statistics is one of the most important  for data scientists.

Probability and Statistical analysis influence our lives on a daily basis. Statistics are used to predict the weather forecast, estimate the condition of the economy, and much more. Statistics used in a variety of professional fields can solve complex problems in business, science, and society. Statistics inform decisions and minimize risk. If you want to become a good data scientist,you should have good knowledge of statistics.

Machine Learning

Machine learning are sets of techniques to make machines better at doing things that humans(traditionally) can do better than machines. Machine learning is something we make machines to learn things like humans do.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a type of machine learning. Deep learning works the structure and function of human brains. Many Artificial intelligence applications driven by deep learning and services that improve automation, performing analytical and physical tasks without the intervention of humans.



Python is a very beginner friendly software language. It covers almost 48% of the total software industry. IPCS Global Pune provides many course options in the IT software field like Python course in Pune, Data science course in Pune, Data analytics course in Pune, and Machine learning courses in Pune, etc. Choosing IPCS Global is more like a career decision. Being one of the top technical training providers in India, it’s our responsibility to bring the maximum output from our students.

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