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Facebook Ads – Importance and Checklist.

Facebook Ads and Marketing are one of the most practised and well in demand forms of running ads online. Facebook is the world’s top social media platform. The number of monthly active facebook users is 2.934 billion (July 2022) and everyday users is 1.968 billion (July 2022) Share of Facebook’s monthly active users who log in each day is 67% (July 2022). 

Facebook is considered as the most active platform in the world. Facebook’s monthly active users equate to 36.8% of all the people on Earth today. It generates massive amounts of engagements and conversions. Advertising on Facebook is also cost-efficient. Learning how to do facebook ads is very easy and simple. You can do the certification courses like Facebook Ads certification or Digital Marketing course. IPCS Global provides Digital Marketing courses in Pune as well as all other branches.

Why to use Facebook Advertising?

There are many reasons why one must use facebook ads, few of those are mentioned  below:-

  • Wide reach

India has at least 349.7 million active Facebook users so far in 2022. So posting on a platform which has such a great number of users, helps you to reach a wide audience not only in India but worldwide.

  • Pocket friendly

Facebook ads are considered seven times more economical than advertising on Twitter. We can spend as little as around  ₹450 and be able to reach around 200 people per day on Facebook, which is quite affordable and budget friendly.

  • Fast results

Facebook ads reach a wide audience in less time due to which the results we get are quite quick.Connecting with brands is very easy for the audience is super easy on Facebook.

  • Increases brand awareness

Many people spend hours on this platform daily due to which your ad will definitely be shown to a lot of your target audience. That is why Facebook is considered as the best platform for creating your brand awareness. 

  • Multiple ad options

When you go for ads on Facebook, you will see a lot of ad options to choose from. On the basis of the goal of your ad, you can choose the relevant objective and thus run a perfect goal oriented ad.

  • Measurable results

Facebook ads results are fully traceable and measurable. In order to track conversions, you need to add conversion pixels on your website to monitor the operations and performance of your ads.

  • Instant Engagement with Audiences

It is a very easy to go platform. People can instantly like, share and comment on your postings. This makes it a tool which helps to engage with your audience very fast and even your audience can engage with you on an instant basis.

  • Easy to use

Using Facebook is not a rocket – science. Anyone can use facebook with basic internet knowledge. Even language is not the barrier on Facebook, people not understanding English can join Facebook with Hindi language preference.

  • Mobile friendly

98.5% of Facebook’s audience aged 18+ accessed the platform via a mobile phone in July 2021.

Facebook Ads Guidelines Checklist 

There can be a very long checklist when it comes to Facebook ads working but the important points to remember are:-

  • Set up your Facebook Pixel properly

First and foremost important thing is making the proper setup of your Facebook Pixel. It helps you track the visitors on your site. To install it you will just need access to the backend and some skill in coding. You should get this install before you start your ad campaign and it will assist you from scratch to track campaigns performance.

  • Choose the perfect ad objective

Depending on the goal and motto of your ads you need to choose the objectives. You have an option of 11 objectives with you to select from. The options are – Awareness, Brand Awareness, Reach, Consideration, App Install, Video Views, Lead Generation, Video views, Lead generation, Messages, Conversion, Catalogue sales and Store traffic.

  • Use variety of Facebook ad formats

Facebook provides us with lots of options of ad formats to post for but with the help of your objective and products or services decide which format is most suitable for your ads. You get options like Image Ads, Video Ads, Story Ads, Messenger ads, Carousel, Slideshow and Canvas Ads.

  • Segment your audience wisely 

You have a large number of audience on Facebook but when you run an ad with a specific goal and objective then you should select your target audience wisely and segment your audience on the basis of your product and services.

  • Choose proper location

You have an option of choosing a proper location of people you want to target while doing a Facebook Ad. On the basis of the ad content you can choose your audience location.

  • Make use of proper bids and budgets

Facebook has the auction options including bidding, putting bids and establishing budget constraints. You can put the bidding according to your budget and also Facebook suggests you a bidding amount on the basis of your ads objectives and other contents.

  • Try to use A/B testing

You have an alternative of doing the A/B testing while running your ad on Facebook. You can try two different headlines, descriptions, keywords, etc to see which option of the ad is performing better and then run the better performing ad accordingly.

  • Use appealing visual content

Visual content plays a very important role in developing and catching the interest of the visitors. Visual content is more appealing than the text content so make use of proper visual content in your ads.

  • Use proper keywords 

Keywords play a vital role while considering the click through rate and visibility of the ad. Keywords are the thing which makes you visible for the person who is looking for the particular problem statement (keywords) on search engines.

  • Track and analyse your data

Not only putting proper data in ads is important but tracking and analysing the performance of the ad is also very important to understand whether your campaign is successful or not and if not successful then what changes we can make.


Facebook is the most used social media platform. It helps you reach a large number of audience with a single post or ad. Facebook is also a pocket friendly platform keeping in mind the other social media platforms. So learning and running Facebook ads are very important with the business as well as personal perspective, so following a proper checklist for Facebook ads is very important. IPCS Global provides various variants of Digital Marketing courses in Pune with 100% placement assistance.


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