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Importance of seo in E-commerce store in 2023

Nowadays SEO is important for every kind of website. As online competition for ecommerce sites becomes more and more intense, no matter what you sell, it’s important to have the best SEO strategy to drive audience traffic to your website.

SEO strategy helps you to optimize online contents on your website so that they appear at the top of search result pages by search engines like Google or Bing. These search engines want to provide their users with a seamless and efficient search experience. So, here comes the importance of SEO in your E-commerce website, which helps you to rank higher and makes you more visible to the target audience.

E-commerce refers to Electronic commerce which means, purchasing, selling or disposing of products or services through online media with the help of the internet. It is one of the emerging trends of  shopping , which involves transmission of data and money over the internet. In this post COVID era , it is a convenient and safe method to buy or sell products and services we like, by sitting in our own place and avoiding any personal contacts.

Search Engine is the first place where people search for the best, most popular and helpful websites. Which proves that SEO is the driving force in the rankings of different search engines. The importance of SEO in E-Commerce are as described below:

More customer acquisition at low cost

A well defined SEO strategy can reduce the customer acquisition cost, since it is the free source to generate organic traffic to your website. By attracting the right people you can convert the traffic into your prospect customers without spending a fortune on Ads.

SEO is cheap. You don’t need any expert or expensive software, just a  better strategy that you can track and redefine. The most keyword tools and the likely are free.

Better SEO practices increase the potential customer reach nonetheless of any paid ads or Pay-per-clicks. By this method, at the end of the day you will be spending less and investing your money into something more useful for the target audience.

Listed below are some of the strategies you can follow to make a change in your potential customer reach and visibility over search:

  • Maintain a good page speed
  • Create contents and titles based on proper keyword density
  • Create backlinks to your website
  • Create and promote quality contents
  • Create business listings with Google my business and other popular business listing sites.

Enhance your visibility and drives quality traffic

SEO generates new traffic and optimizes content of your website to create a compelling user experience that drives conversions. Bringing more traffic, brings more sales. And more sales increases authority with search engines.

Regardless whether a company is a startup or a well established organisation, SEO is important for maximizing an E-commerce organization’s profitability. For many organizations google drives the majority of their traffic. If we check google analytics accounts of such organizations ,it will be visible that most of their sales come from organic search.

If you are not taking SEO into consideration, you are taking the risk of not being visible to a customer’s journey. Not being visible means less sales, which means   less profit. At the same time competitors will take advantage of you. They acquire the customers that you lose and become invincible in the competition. Then only you will recognize the importance of SEO in E-commerce

It is clear that if you look through the right perspective of SEO, your growth will be tremendous and profitability will be enormous. If you are not adapted to it, don’t be too late. It is time to grab your opportunities with a better SEO strategy.

Builds Trust and Credibility

The ultimate aim of SEO is to make your brand stronger and well recognized, which will eventually make you visible at the top of search results. This makes the customers believe you are the best.

If you are considered best by the customers, it drives more traffic. Once customers trust you, Google will eventually trust you and place you top in the SERPs. This will again make other customers trust the destination. It will continue as per feedback loop.

SEO is a long process which involves proper keyword research, adding proper links and crafting great shareable content. It requires commitment, patience and a lot of hard work.

If you can provide the right solution to your customer at the right time, then you win. If you are on the top of search results while people google, it can do more with boosting your credibility.

Drives long term Success

SEO is one of the best marketing strategies to reap long term benefits. It delivers long lasting, measurable and cost effective results. Unlike paid ads that stop working when they run out of cash, SEO keeps working 24/7 without any break on even holidays. Because Google is open for everyone at any time, it’s just a matter of seconds to get the best results, once the search phrase is entered.

Since, SEO doesn’t have a shelf life for weeks or months, it  passively generates you leads and revenue from your websites. As the long term effect of SEO is clear, we don’t have to build from scratch every year. You can layer up on what you did in the previous year. It will grow stronger over time. Only optimizations at regular intervals are needed and just take a break while it generates leads for you.

SEO is to be considered in terms of long term objectives and long term progress. Your website will be able to expand with you, as you learn and grow. 

Though implementation of a well defined SEO strategy is not a simple task, it cannot be neglected in today’s online ecosystem of E-commerce. So it is important to understand the importance of SEO in E-commerce in today’s world. And if you don’t have time or necessary resources to do it, better to hire a SEO professional for your business.


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