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The Perfect YouTube Video Checklist


YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest social media platform. 79% of internet users have a YouTube account. One billion hours of video are being watched daily on YouTube. YouTube is a video watching and uploading platform. Thousands of people have their YouTube channels where they upload various videos related to their channel themes and categories. YouTube is also an income source for many channel owners.

YouTube is a very good source if used in a proper way. While uploading videos on YouTube we should keep in mind a few things like use of proper keywords, making videos on latest/current trending topics, putting proper description and other details. So to learn YouTube marketing IPCS Global provides Digital marketing course in Pune. Lets see the YouTube checklist in detail below.

The Perfect YouTube Video Checklist :- 

  • Decide for a proper concept

The first step to follow while creating a video to upload on YouTube is to think of a proper concept on which the video can be made. The concept should be trending and interesting. Concept plays a vital role while making a video. Proper concept will lead you to get more views and subscribers. 

  • Prepare Script for your Video

Selecting a topic and choosing correct keywords are the important things while creating a YouTube video but to make all these things in line and to decide what to speak in your video and how to present it, you should make a script for your video where you can roughly right the points/content you want to speak about.

  • Select a relevant Title

Not only selecting a proper concept is important but also selecting a relevant title for it is crucial. Your video title must consist of your keywords. One more bonus tip here is to add your channel name in the title of all your videos.

  • Add description

Adding a description to your video is always a better idea. Giving your viewers the understanding of the video in text format will definitely help viewers to connect with you well. You can also add extra links and shortcuts of your videos in the description section. Here you can also add the other social media channel links.

  • Use of suitable Tags

Using tags on your video in YouTube is very beneficial. Your video can be found by people on YouTube with the help of tags also. Try to include all suitable tags for your video but remember not to do tags stuffing.

  • Create customised thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first impression of your video so create a very impressive and attractive thumbnail for every video you upload. To make your thumbnail look good, you can add your focus keyword and title in the post. Your thumbnail can be one of the screenshots from your video.

  • Add info cards 

An info card is a small video at the top of your video (mostly in the right hand side corner of the screen). In info cards you can put links of other related videos with that of the current one. This is a good source to keep viewers engaged with your videos. Other options available with info cards are showcase playlists, other channel links, website links, and even create a poll. 

  • Choose the correct aspect ratio

YouTube displays videos in the ratio of 16:9. This is considered as the best ratio for YouTube videos to utilise the whole screen properly. With this ratio you cover the full screen which gives the viewer a good experience. If you do not follow this ration then you might get black lines around your video.

  • Video Quality

Maintaining the best video quality is also very important to put a better experience for your viewers. The ratios which you can follow to maintain high quality video can be – 7680p(8K):7680×4320, 2160p(4K):3840×2160, 1440p:2560×1440, 1080p:1920×1080, 720p:1280×720, 480p:854×480, 360p:640×360, 240p:426×240. Providing HD quality is the best to attract and retain your viewers on your videos.

  • Video Length

Normally on social media platforms it is considered that small length videos perform well but that’s not the case for YouTube. Long length videos tend to perform well on YouTube as it maintains the viewers retention and increases the watch time too.  But there is one more point to focus on here is that different viewers like different lengths of videos, so all channels must have all lengths of videos with them to retain all kinds of viewers. Remember the initial 15 seconds are always to one where you can connect with your viewer the most and it decides whether the viewer will connect to the remaining video or not.

  • Add an end screen. 

Very crucial point is to add an end screen at the end of your video where you can put the link of your own other videos or your videos related to the topic which you have discussed in the current video. This will be beneficial for you as people will see your other videos also which will increase the watch time of your channel.

  • Share on social media. 

Cross sharing is a very good way of spreading awareness and updates of your brands. You can share the link of your new video on all your other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. 

  • Check the post-upload analytics

Not only studying analytics of pre-uploading video is important but also post-uploading analytics study is very important. While studying the post analysis you will understand the growth of your video views and know which kind of videos are performing well which can be improved.

  • Consistency in posting

It is a thumb rule to maintain consistency of posting content on all social media platforms along with YouTube. Consistency lets your viewers build a trust and engagement factor for your channel. YouTube also favours the channels who maintain consistency in their posting pattern. One simple thing which you can do is prepare and maintain a social media calendar( YouTube calendar) to manage your posting schedules.


YouTube is a very big platform with a huge audience. Using YouTube by companies for their own brand awareness and sales is a very good option. YouTube is also an earning source for many people.YouTube has many benefits but you can avail those only if you know how to use the platform in a correct way, for this IPCS Global offers Digital marketing course in Pune where we teach YouTube Marketing.

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